About Dreamology with LeahWelcome!

I’m Leah Ann Bolen and my adorable animal-spirit-sidekick is Maggie (@TheDreamDoodle).

Welcome to Dreamology with Leah — a website dedicated to the study & knowledge of Dreams and to creating a lifestyle that honors dreaming.

I’m here to help you take that confusing, seemingly-bizarre dream you don’t understand and discover its meaning. If you learn to do this dream after dream, you’ll soon discover that paying attention to your dreams is a great strategy for improving your life.

I believe the dreams you’re experiencing in your sleep have an essential purpose.

Created by your unconscious mind, dreams tap you into a wealth of knowledge and insight that’s beyond waking ability.  Inspired by your soul, they help you see that which is most important for your life.  It’s amazing how much can shine through in your dreams!

Capture your dreams, give them your attention and they’ll open your eyes.

I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll come back often. I’ll be adding new content regularly to support and inspire you along your own dreaming journey.

Let’s get dreaming,


Professional Bio

Leah Ann Bolen is a Dream Specialist  at Miraval-Arizona and Executive Director for the nation’s leading marketing technology company, where she’s twice been named ‘Coach of the Year.’ Leah’s corporate career spans 30 years, with pivotal moments having been tied to actions she took that were inspired by dreams. It’s been her experience that dreams actively support personal growth and achieving of goals. Blending the skills and experience she’s honed within her traditional job with her passion and knowledge for dreams, she founded Dreamology with Leah.  In her three decades of work with dreams, Leah has experienced and witnessed countless examples of dreamers obtaining unique support and guidance through dreaming.

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My Dreaming Journey

My interest in dreams began to develop around the age 19. Journaling came very natural to me and I was always writing something in my personal diaries. Dreams began to find their way into my written meanderings. I had absolutely no idea why I was having these dreams or what they could possibly mean, but they fascinated me.

Throughout the years, whatever might be happening in my life, my journals were a refuge to capture my hopes, desires, worries, and fears. And often, my dreams of the night would make their way into the pages.

Then, in my mid 20’s something incredible happened that would forever change my perception. I had a series of premonition dreams. There’s no other way to put it. My dreams unfolded scenes that came true in real life. I’d always believed in my heart that my dreams had some purpose, and now I was sure they had secrets to be revealed. That was when my passion for understanding dreams began. (Read: “My Dreams Came True.“)

It was the early 90’s, so there was no “world at your fingertips” as it is today. Although the internet was hatched, it was in its infancy and the average person was not yet connected. I found what information I could and began taking the time to work with my dreams.

Although I was far from skilled at this point in time, the mere act of paying greater attention to the content of my dreams was a turning point.  As I developed a relationship with my dreams and gave credence to the metaphors and messages they were sharing, a guidance I’d never known possible emerged. I discovered that my dreams were providing insights to help me better myself and my life.

My passion for dreams only increased over time, leading me to continue my studies and gain my certification as a dream practitioner. As someone who’s received so much support through my dreams, I find it surprising how few are tapped into this wellspring of inner power.

It’s truly my “dream job” to share the dreamer’s path with others.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something that inspires you to get dreaming.