If you’d really like to understand your dreams, but have no idea where to begin, then you’ve arrived at the right place…

If you’re trying to follow the steps & techniques for dream analysis, but it seems like a lot of work without enough answers, then you’re right where you need to be…

Maybe you’ve no desire to learn how to analyze dreams, but you want to gain their insights.  Perfect — I can help…

Leah is a uniquely talented, informed and skilled dream worker. I wholeheartedly recommend her without reservation.
Rubin Naiman, PhDClinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
The dream fares well under Leah's respectful gaze, which is a rare gift. I heartily recommend her if you're seeking a deeper relationship with your dream life.
Gregory Scott SparrowEdD, LPC, LMFT (Va)

Just think of me as your Dream Advisor — Ready and able to guide you toward the meaning of your dreams.

As a certified dream practitioner, with three decades of study and practice with dreams, I’m here to take the heavy lifting off your shoulders.  Just sit back and experience your DreamDiscovery.

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A DreamDiscovery Session is a deep dive into your dreamscape.  

We’ll start with the telling of your dream, then follow the path to which it leads.  I’ll guide you through the techniques most effective at bringing dream meanings to the surface.

As we explore the various elements and symbols of your dream, there’s inevitably the “aha” — that moment it clicks for you how your dream reflects your life.  Like the little “click” you hear in movies when the safecracker has just cracked the code.  Click… dream meaning.  That’s a special moment and I delight in helping you arrive there.

Once you’ve discovered insights from your dream, we create a way to integrate the dream’s teaching into your life.  Referred to as dream alchemy, this can transform your sleeping dream into value for your waking life.  Life-changing breakthroughs are often the side effect of working with your dreams.

When you discover for yourself how in-tune with your life your dreams are, you’ll most certainly understand my passion for them.

I look forward to helping you unwrap the gifts of your own dreaming mind.  

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